The Crabcakes Charity Childhood Curtains Calendar.

The inspiration:

Jack (Crabcakes), our housemate was leaving for pastures new. He was leaving London, and heading for a new life in Bristol. In order to do so, we needed to find someone for a short-term let. This person happened to be Adam (the drummer). Adam required a bed, and a cupboard. Jack was moving into furnished accomodation. The deal was done.

That was, until, Jack said he needed to take his curtains before Adam moved in. Adam enquired further...

"But I thought you were moving into a furnished place?"

Jack's response:
"I am. But these are very special curtains you see, they're my Childhood Curtains."

Adam refused, he needed curtains. Jack eventually agreed on the basis we understood the importance of these curtains.

The 2012 Calendar:

Hence, in celebration, we bring you the 2012 Crabcakes Charity Childhood Curtains Calendar. A 13 page, high quality (debatable) masterpiece to see you through the year.

For only £10 + P&P, you will be able to own this very calendar, delivered directly to your door (or I can hand it to you), with the knowledge that ALL profit (roughly £5 per calendar sold) will be going to a well worth charity: East Africa Appeal

To purchase, send one of us a cheque, cash, bank transfer, OR click on the photo above (at an extra 67p due to paypal being a horribly successful corporation).

If you need more convincing, click here.

That is all.